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At Aerial Connections our aim is to understand your needs in all aspects of audio and visual entertainment, to understand and to explain the ever changing world of television and satellite.
With our help you can enjoy the experience of having the nessesary done to your home to obtain quality reception in many ways from television aerials to radio aerials to satellite dishes.

Aerial Installation Fareham

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What Can AerialConnections Do For Me?

We are on hand to provide a broad range of digital services and advice, including:

  • The installation of digital television aerials for Freeview and free digital TV
  • Digital set top boxes for Freeview television
  • Multiroom installations providing digital TV access in other rooms of your home
  • DAB & FM Radio aerial installations
  • Aerial repairs and servicing, digital aerial alignment and faulty connections
  • Free no obligation survey of your home for any new Freeview installations or digital upgrades
  • Professional advice to ensure you are ready for the digital switchover in your region

Between 2008 and 2012, television services in the UK will go completely digital, TV region by TV region. The old analogue television signals will be switched off and viewers will need to convert or upgrade their TV equipment to receive digital signals, whether through their aerial, by satellite, cable or broadband.
So get set for digital!

TV Aerial Fareham
Fareham Aerials
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TV Aerial Installation Fareham
TV Aerial Fareham
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TV Aerial Fareham
Fareham Aerials
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TV Aerial Installation Fareham
TV Aerial Fareham
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